New Project - Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout


I’ve just added a new Project for a Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout.

(link removed)

I didn’t follow the FEZ_Components format this time (I hope I didn’t offend anyone), but it wouldn’t be hard to change it.

Let me know of any recommendations you may have with it.

Forgot to add a photo

while rar can be better than zip, not all users know what is rar and know how to unrar it!
What do you think?

Why no GHI driver?
It would be cool if you could still make it. Looks nice though! :slight_smile:
thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks really nice! As for the rar file, I use 7Zip. There isn’t a single compressed format it won’t read +it’s open source.

No worries Gus, I’ll upload the project as ZIP tonight when I get home. WinRAR is my default program so I compressed using the default options.

Sorry for the not using the FEZ_Component format, but it’s just a small lego block in the whole UAV project. I will be using an async worker to process sensor readings, thus I need sensor driver that will work well with this design.