New Product Advice..update in field ability

i Have problem i hope can be resolved. I want to build a small device (similar size to cigarette pack) with some peripherals but having issue with deciding on the MCU. I want to make it cheap as possible as it its not doing anything real-time but must be updatable remotely.

Even though the G30 have no infield updating ability, is it still possible to update the code in the field or create custom ability?

i was thinking that when i wrote the message but was hoping their was another way to do remote updates.

@ anthonys - No, the G30 cannot do in field updates. In Field update is only available on devices that have enough storage to hold the new program’s image so that the device can auto flash. Smallest one we have is the G120. I just may fit in a cigarette pack.

@ Mr. John Smith - thanks

You can fit both, G120 and G400 in a cigarette pack :whistle:

True, but at $40 a pop, it would not be viable for its purpose. I just want to create a simple bluetooth device with some fancy code…i don’t like c or c++ so trying to avoid any other MCU if possible.

Define what you think IFU means in your use case.
If connecting a Windows PC via USB and use FEZConfig to upload an Firmware or application, then G30 will work for you.
If you want something over Serial, USB thumb drive, Internet download, … then G30 is not suitable, but G120 would work just fine.

Is it possible to have another MCU (e.g. an ESP8266 module) update a G30? I imagine it would have to be over serial.