New modules available today (12/15)?

A very anxious geek wants to spend some money :wink:

They are all stuck at border! I am ready to go there myself and grab a bunch of them :slight_smile:

They better be there when I visit GHI next week or…I’ll…sigh, just tell those customs guys to hurry up will ya? ???

Uggg! I want ethernet for my Hydra!!! 10 million illegal aliens can jump across the border every year but we can’t get some modules across… What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyway that we can give some of those ‘illegal aliens’ a box each and have them carry the goodies across the border? Perhaps if I arrange for Santa Claus to pickup my Christmas presents directly at the Customs Office could they might make an exception for him and give him the stuff I want?


This is killing us. We really want these modules.

Another reason on why our production line in-house is the best. Can’t wait