New module from Intel: Joule

Interesting new module from Intel: [url][/url]

Quad-core Atom processor. 48mm x 24mm module size

A little pricey for the dev kit: [url][/url]

I thought they were dropping the Atom line?

@ mcalsyn - not sure about that. The Joule is certainly in a different class than the Edison in terms of processing power.

The Joule will also support Win10 IoT.

[url]Intel Developer Zone

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@ cyberh0me - It is pretty pricey. However you are getting pretty much a full blown embedded PC.

I can’t find any real hardware documentation but looking at the pictures it appears they are using similar connectors to the Edison which are super tiny. It will probably be low voltage I/O so everything will need to be shifted up to 3.3 or 5 to work with “standard” I/O.

Here’s a Cherry-Trail X5 board for $79, and it includes an Arduino sub-processor for offloading IO tasks, and connectors for touch screen : [url][/url]

I’ve got one running Win10 and it works pretty nicely for everything I have asked of it so far. It’s not as fast as the Joule, but you can buy at least four Latte Pandas for the same price.


It seems that Intel is just scampering around. They are not focused on doing any one system. First the Quark, then Edison, now this? Can’t they just back one horse and ride it win or loose? This is a bad sign, in my option. I’d rather pair a BBB with a SmartFusion FPGA.

The SPECIFACTION section certainly looks good :whistle:

I have 3 of them for testing. They have some minor problems but generally are running good on easy tasks.

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The Joule is clearly intended for applications that need [em]much[/em] higher-end media/streaming capability, with its 4K video, on-chip image signal processor, two digital microphones, two audio DSPs, hardware encode/decode accelerators, more than twice as fast GPU, twice the processor cache, LPDDR4 (vs DDR3) ram, and fast wifi (Wireless AC dual Band)

it is also [em]only 18% the footprint [/em](48x24mm or 11cm^2) of the LattePanda (88x70mm or 61cm^2) - it makes the LP look [em]ginormous[/em].

It also has the Whiskeycove PMIC in addition to the low power ram and low power BT (4.1), so it is going to be more battery friendly. The LattePanda needs 2A

So yeah … $139 for the 4GB LattePanda or $369 for the 4GB Joule (including expansion board)

I can see applications for both.

Hopefully the price will reduce to be competive with other boards once the Joule has been available for a once.

Yeah - like with most things … use the right tool for the right job. I haven’t done any Joule’ish jobs yet, but, could happen.

This snuck past me until just now. This thing suddenly got a lot more interesting.

Overall the specifactions were to my satisfication.

EDIT: ^^^^ subtle spelling humor - not a statement about the board(s)

It’s a 64-bit quad-core Atom with 4GB of memory. Win10 IoT nothing, this thing would happily run the whole desktop Win10.

But that would require a license :wink:

I’m doing a small project for a client using one of these embedded PCs

[url]Intel® Atom E3825, 3.5" compact SBC with VGA, HDMI/DP, 48-bit LVDS/eDP, 2GbE, Mini PCIe, mSATA card

It makes me a little sad to know that for that price, there are much cooler/more powerful embedded boards. This thing is so overpriced :confused:

Even booting from an SSD, it seems dog slow :frowning: