New module from GHI

It seems there was no announcement about the new Gadgeteer module from GHI - . It looks like it uses Si7020.

IMHO, it is a good replacement.

We are slowly switching gears from cleaning up to adding new products :wink:

is it really using SHT1x then ? Maybe the text is redundant. And I note it must be using software I2C vs Hardware as it’s an X/Y not an I socket

That IC is definitely not SHT1x. It uses software I2C.

@ Brett - the description is wrong for sure!

And yes we typically use the built in software i2c for slow modules. Like how many times a user will read the temperature.

The old temperature and humidity based on the sht does perfectly work even on the latest SDK and using VS2013 gadgeteer project. All you need to do is downloading the SDK from … Worked for me

@ Brett - The description has been updated.