New Mobile Forum

@ Josh you do awesome work most of the time, but for me the new mobile forum is actually a lot harder to read. Thanks for sticking a view normal link on :wink:

Btw on iPhone the checkboxes at the bottom of a post overlap and are impossible to work with.

Josh didn’t do this one, was James :slight_smile: but yes we see many issues that we are trying to cover ASAP. “mobile” version is something new to our website but it is a step in the right direction.

Cool. I definitely like the idea, just needs some CSS updates. Get on it James, you can do it!


So what’s the link to this? I tried some obvious ones with no luck…, Happy to help test on an Android phone and tablet.

Looks like it is disabled for now. It didn’t look good on Android phone at all.

What’s the URL to the mobile version?

@ ianlee74 - That is a very good question, magically worked on my bat phone last week now look like it’s gone via the Bermuda Triangle - think it was just the main url…

We had some issues with mobile that we’re addressing. When it’s ready we’ll let you know how to get to it.

@ Josh - FYI the catalog on the new site doesn’t render properly on the iPhone (not sure about others), the left-side nav pushes the right side content down. Not major.

looks fine on my iphone

Looks fine on my now too that I go back to it. Perhaps this was just another instance of a cached CSS. :slight_smile:

That’s the same problem I had on my desktop browser, so am sure that’s it.

What’s the link???

There is no link!

Shows up the same as desktop on my iPhone.