New Mini Lab

I was inspired by this post:

The Birth of a Lab - #26 by trent1098s

This is my new mini lab in my basement. If I were just a little smarter I would invent the next smart phone.:joy:Lab


I’m jealous

Looks very nice!!! Glad I served as some inspiration. That is a solid workspace you have there! Congrats!


Thanks Trenton!

Mini uh? What is the square footage?

About 130 sq. ft. Could use a little more space but I can’t find anything now.

Looks great but far too tidy to be a real workshop :joy::joy::joy:


It took me about and hour to clean up for the picture. The 3 projects I am working on on are in the plastic bins located on the right hand shelf. .

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Can we come over and building something?

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Not an hour well spent then. You lost credibility points with us by doing so ! :slight_smile:



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Won’t happen again got the pic

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I’ll believe it when you post a candid pic while it’s in use :wink: And I am sure we’ll all look for “staged” projects much closer now we’ve been tricked :slight_smile:

I won’t post more pictures of my lab now that it’s in use, which is why that other thread hasn’t been updated since it was done. It’s impossible to keep things straightened up when you are as scatter brained as I am. :slight_smile:

um, welcome to the club on that front.