New member to embedded programming needs help!

Cannot run even this simple code on chipworkx module:

using System;
using Microsoft.SPOT;
namespace MFConsoleApplication1
{ public class Program
{ public static void Main()
Debug.Print( “Amazing Framework!”);
I have done everything as instructed in the User Manual.

The LCD display on the ChipWorkX module says ‘Waiting for debug commands…’. The statement “Amazing Framework” is not displayed on the screen even in debug mode during single stepping.

The ChipworkX version is and the TinyBooter version is in the ReleaseNotes.rtf document found in the GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK folder. The same version numbers are displayed on the ChipWorkX LCD screen after it boots.

I understand that I am asking a very basic question but I am completely clueless on how to move forward.

For the record I am an electrical engineer working on micro-controller based system and have just recently started on a NETMF system.

Debug.Print does not print the to the screen but rather to the studio window.

If you want to print to the screen, you need to create a bitmap call .DrawText and then .Flush.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


            Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(480, 272);
            bmp.DrawText("Amazing Framework", Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small), Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Media.Color.White, 0, 0);

This is what i use when I need to output something to the screen.