New MBN dev board

We are proud to present the future MBN dev board : “The Ram” :

  • SC20260E SOM
  • 6 x Mikrobus sockets
  • 32 MB (256 Mb) external Flash
  • CAN
  • SD card holder
  • USB Host
  • USB/Serial debugging (USB-C connectors)
  • CR2032 holder for RTC
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • 3 x status leds
  • Screw terminal for external power
  • Shared Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN, GPIO exposed on screw terminals

The first prototypes are currently waiting for the PCB to be delivered. Assembly is expected to begin in a couple of weeks, hopefully.


excellent news. Tell us when it will become available.
distributed via Mikroe or Mikrobusnet ?

Right now, it’s in a very early stage as we do not even have a single prototype. It will come soon and then we will have to torture it so that we can begin the real manufacturing process.

But we wanted to let you know that we were working on the Quail’s inheritance and that it was in a more advanced state :wink:

To be honest, we don’t know yet how it will be sold. It will mainly depend on demand and on the MOQ requested by the manufacturers.

Love it!!

How did your connect the external flash?

@Gus_Issa : SPI.
But it is “Quad-SPI ready”, just in case :wink:

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Very cool, I will need one for my collection :grin:

All this Click excitement is giving me crazy ideas…i might just have to whip something up to keep up with all the cool kids… :thinking: