New Kickstarter project using G120

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share my new Kickstarter project. I’ll be using a G120 module for the “brains” portion. Let me know what you think!


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Just to show the link.

The full link to the project is CrewSeat by Joe Gilkey — Kickstarter

Helping firefighters to do their job more safely and efficiently is always a good thing in my books. Those guys and girls do not get enough credit as far as I am concerned.

It seems that you have experience in this area. Have you talked to firefighters already to get their input? Do you foresee any government imposed regulations/approvals that might hinder this?

Just as an added suggestion, maybe you should talk about how you are going to test it (ie. You have a group of local firefighters in Nesconset NY who are eager to help solve this issue).

The amount you are asking for is not the great but putting a more personal touch may help drive you to reach your stretch goals. I mean who doesn’t like to back firefighters?

Hello khalilm and thank you for the feedback. I used to be a volunteer before work and kids took up too much time to do it on a regular basis. I do still help them now, but just with their technical needs (but I’ve kept my certifications and EMT current). The idea for this project came from an assistant chief that is also an FDNY firefighter. This weekend I will be meeting with the chiefs and board members for the approval to use their name, so I will post an update once I get their approval. As far as standards and regulations go, there are NFPA guidelines that mandate accountability systems. These guidelines are not required by most states, and they do not require any specific way of doing things. Since these units will be mounted inside vehicles, there is SAE guidelines for power and noise, which we will adhere to, but no regulation. Also, these units will use off-the-shelf components that have already been approved by the FCC, so that isn’t an issue.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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Nice project!

Hope it gets funded. (backed & facebooked it)

Why not use a Nokia Treasure Tag?

Thank you mhectorgato!

Valkyrie-MT, there are a few reasons we didn’t use the Nokia Treasure Tag, or a similar device. Mainly due to the economics. A typical mid-size volunteer fire department has between 75 and 150 members. Multiply that by the $29.95 cost each, and it adds up quick. Now, figure that you need to replace the tag at least once per year, if not more often. But, that does not mean that we can’t use a tag like that. The PN532 chip does support NFC tags, like the Treasure Tag. Thank you for the feedback, I will add that to the updates that I plan on doing tonight.