New gui editor for glide

Since I have time at my hands I started to work on a new gui editor for glide.
It is still work in progress, but I believe I can release it in the next few weeks.
Screenshot(yes it looks like Skewworks visual design studio.).
This one is made with wpf. The UI will change once I get some more important stuff done.

Usage instructions:

To add a new component from the toolbox on to the form:
Hold down Left mouse and drag.

To move existing control on the form:
press Left mouse and draq
Large nudge: Press shift and arrow key
Small nudge: Press arrow key
or use the property view

To delete control:
Press Del

To delete form:
click on the form on the design area to make sure it is selected and press DEL

To copy control:
Select control in the design area and press CTRL + C then CTRL + V

To Select multible controls:
To multiselect and allign. press shift + left mouse on every component you wish to select. then int hte edit menu select center horizontally and/or vertically.
To move press arrow key or shift + arrow.


If you have prolems on running the software then do this first:
Right click on the zip you downloaded.
Choose properties.
In the general tab click on unblock. Then apply and ok
Now unzip the package for example C:
then go to C:\GlideStudio and double click on Start GlideStudio or GlideStudio.exe(Assuming you have known file extensions visible).


  • Added source view
  • Settings dialog(Not fully implemented yet)
    +Some other code changes


  • Fixed Save All
  • Fixed Changing form name also changes the file name


  • Fixed lots of bugs.
  • Removed the need to press CTRL when dragging new component from the toolbox.
  • Added abitility to delete Form


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixeg cannot load file when textblock color value is 0
  • Added control copy function.


  • Added import function(Create new project before using this or open existing)
  • Added build button. Files will be copyed to Build directory in the current project. File extension is txt.


  • It is now possible to select multible controls to allign them vertiacally and/or horizontally.
    To multiselect and allign. press shift + left mouse on every component you wish to select. then int hte edit menu select center horizontally and/or vertically.
    Multiselect preview is for buttons only. Ill add rest of the components soon.


  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Multiselection now supports any component(exept the form)
  • It is now possible to center group of components and / or move them with arrow keys.
  • Added export


  • Controls can be dropper on top of other
  • Some bug fixes and changes to menus.


-Fixed aligment bugs

Bate25 download:

-Fixed the project base dir usage.
-Fixed some typos.
-Made some code optimization.

Beta29 downalod:

  • Fixed:

  • Fonts sizes.

  • Added:

  • Glide image can now show temporary image preview(see the screenshot).

  • Implemented for project spesific settings. Import/Export directory.

  • Added browse for folder button to the “new project window”.

  • Added ability to skip file on export.

  • Beta 30:

  • Download:


  • Fixed:

  • Control looses focus when reclicked or dragged.

  • Control selection incorrectly sets the document status to changed.

  • Fixed textbox, textblock, button, dropdown, passwordbox text margins.

  • Added:

  • Commandline paramater to open a project: GlideStudio.exe <>

  • Project can also be opened by dragging and dropping the *.gs file over to the GlideStudio.exe

  • Program can be manually assigned to be the default program for *.gs files

  • Chnaged:

  • The control width/height limits are now the same as the GHI’s online editor.

  • Window X, Y cannot be changed. Again same as the GHI’s online editor.


  • Write a proper userguide.
  • Implement undo/redo
  • Implement Project spesific settings. Import/Export directory done. Do we need more?
  • associate files with glide studio.
  • Add: control drag for multiselection.
  • Add: control resize for multiselection.
  • Add ability to save changes made to the file.
  • Fix controls leaving outside of the from when making it smaller.

site for glide studio:


Always good to have more options. :smiley:

Nice work. Look forward to testing this. The web based one is a pain when dealing with 800 x 480 displays :slight_smile:

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WOW making this is much bigger project that I expected. Still it does progress nicely and I’m having fun.

I also look forward to seeing this GUI. Your Fan-Club is growing …

I think I can get the first beta release sooner then I thought. I only need to implement the datagrid and slider then fix some bugs and add some functionality.

All components are now implemented. They still need some bug fixing.


Is there a frame around the window so we can actually see where the window edges are?

That is one of those bugs I need to fix.
This app is also plugable so it is possible to add other project types that needs this kind of editor.

Allmost there. Still need few fixes and then I can finally but out the very first build. 8)

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First alpha is here. There is some known bugs and I have no idea if it works on your system or on systems other then windows 8.1

Download from:!1222&authkey=!AC7MvJ-5iLEdwPU&

and be noted it might not work at all. So do report all errors in this thread.

I try it.


I get a file does not exist, even when I copy and paste the full URL.

@ Dave I just tried it by copying the full link and it seems to work now.

Got it this time. Cheers.

OK bad news. It does not run under Window 7 64bit.

Under XP it reports that it is not a valid Win32 application.

I think only having this available for Windows 8 is not ideal as I doubt many of us here have any inclination to switch to Windows 8.

hmm odd that it wont run on window 7 have test that today. XP is something that I’m not planning to support because it is unsupported by MS and XP doesnt fully support .net framework 4.5

New build:!1223&authkey=!ABT0qnL6_5SEFJk&


  • Target net framework 4.0
  • CPU x86

This one might work on windows xp

I have tried your previous version on Windows 7 64-bit and it starts for me.

Although I cannot seem to drag (or double-click) any controls onto the form…

Basic usage:

To add a new component from the toolbox or to copy existing control on the form:
Hold down CTRL + Left mouse and drag.

to move existing control on the form:
press Left mouse and draq

Darn gorgot to implement control delete :wall:
Have to implement that today.

Added ability to delete component:
Select component and press Delete key!1224&authkey=!AMDtIllBL-XrrGA&