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New Graphic chip from FTDI


I’m looking around to find some docs about the new Ft800 Graphic chip released few days ago from FTDI, but I found only a preview datasheet.

This chip is interesting low cost lcd interface for the Cerberus-like boards, needing only i2c or SPI communications.
Looking at their video is really promising.

Is there anyone that has more info ?


How funny would it be if they have a little embedded ARM processor in there. We know they do have something :slight_smile:


@ Gus -
They claim that will be very easy to interface also with low power MCU … it could be a gadgeteer board candidate …
For sure they have embedded some mcu … but I don’t see from datasheet any direct access to the embedded mcu …


Very interesting chip. Perfect for Arduinos.


what is different about this one and the once that are build by ?
i watched the movie but i did not see anything that was not possible with the other older once.


Do they have buildin audio too? Just curious.


@ NielsNL2 - Oh I got on 4d systems from Raspberry Pi site few month ago … I didnt remind and you may be right.

@ Architect - So they claim! It seems that has some midi-like features and audio file play.

Preliminary Datasheet:,d.bGE


This chip looks much better then what 4D can do. Especially the interrupt opton and the command FIFO buffer is very handy exactly for touchscreen control.
Also the build in options to view buttons etc. is very nice.


Strange chip. Not image based but object based?