New Glide GUI (Beta Now Available)

While creating an GUI for my own stuff I thought I’d add support for Glide as well.

Motif will be completely free and support Clix, Glide, Spiral and Tinkr with support for Glide coming first. I should have a beta ready for this weekend. If anyone is using Glide and wants to give the editor a go let me know and I’ll provide a link here for the download.

If anyone has any suggestions for the editor before I put it up this weekend please let me know. Right now you can click and drag the controls, resize any control by dragging from it’s edges and update properties with the Visual Studio PropertyGrid.

Screenshots attached.


Free as in “open source” or just a free tool app?

Haven’t decided on open source yet, since it will have a compile option for Skewworks GUIs that allows embedding images, etc and decreasing file size.

If OSS ends up being important, I could always split Glide’s interface code off and open that up at the very least. Assuming I don’t just open source the whole thing. :slight_smile:

Motif as in the old X based GUI?

Heh, neat, never knew about that.

I wanted to extend VS to be able create Glide UI withing VS similar to Gadgeteer designer. I can team up with you to “embed” your editor into VS.


Very cool. You never continue to amaze me with the (number and quality) projects that are being cranked out at Skewworks!

Alright. The great Valentin has convinced me; open source it is. :smiley:

I’ve already got Motif set to use interfaces for everything so it can accept control lists and settings for anything that pops up down the road. It doesn’t actually load the groups dynamically yet, but it will do.

Oh man, I hope you meant to say [em]cease[/em], or else I need to step up my game. :wink:

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oops – yeah, I must be spending too much time with Gus :wink:

@ Skewworks - Great!

I will contact you offline later tonight.

This is some very exciting thread. Love the visual studio idea.

Glad you approve. :smiley:

Progress is moving along quite quickly. I might actually have all of the Glide portion done tonight.

Here’s a look at how you edit items in the Dropdown with Motif (uses PropertyGrid’s built-in features; I love this control)

PropertyGrid is my favorite control as well.Reflection and PG is unstoppable combination.

Awesome! Motif finally spotted in the wild! :slight_smile:

@ GHI - I’m on the last control, Slider, and the GUI seems a bit quirky. Adjusting the height results in some unexpected results. Is the height not supposed to be adjustable? Did you notice the TickInterval results in a count 1 greater than the value supplied?

For now I may just throw in a control and not update the GUI; it will still give the proper XML.

The first beta is now available!

Motif currently only works with Glide and doesn’t have a full setup yet (no installer & docs) but it will work right out of the zip like Glide’s editor with the added bonus of being able to resize with the mouse.

Download it here:

More will come in the next couple of weeks; including an installer, documentation, support for Skewworks products, etc.

Looks great!

First issue I have noticed is that Size property is not updating in PropertyGrid while you change the size of a control. It does update when you reselect the control.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s still a few quirks left in there. I plan on banging out a bunch of updates tomorrow.

I know if you highlight the property in the grid it will update there as well without having to reselect the control. So your value is there, just not being shown.

I also checked everything against GHI’s editor, everything seems to load between the two just fine.