New GHI Catalog

Hello Community!

In the process of supporting you better, and a part of the 2011 plans, we will be moving all product-ordering to the main GHI website. The website will still be the community website.

Please take a look at the new catalog. Please let us know if you have any concerns or if you find any bugs :slight_smile:

The catalog is fully functional if you want to buy something :wink:

I like it. Much more accessible than the old store.

Very nice one !!! :clap: :clap: :clap: (as usual, but who need to say ?)

Some very small things :
[li]missing/bad “Comparison chart” link[/li]
[li]in the download tab, about the Beginner’s guide, maybe a link to the wiki page would be better than the english .pdf now since there are many translations available[/li]
[li]I would also add a link to Fezzer (even if it’s still in beta) to better help beginners and more experienced people to find code already done/tested for their needs. This could be in the Downloads tab.[/li]

As you can see, there’s not much to add, on my side.

All in all, it’s a very good catalog. Like its content :wink:

Very nice.

Links from the shopping cart back to the product pages seems to be broken.

Good start for beta!

One thing that I would like to see is the price when you look at multiple items.

Something like in the attached image.

The sale prices on items like the Serial LCD are not reflected in the shopping cart yet.

@ Architect : +1 Very good idea !

Maybe also a direct “Add to cart” in this section, too ?
For “old customers” who already know the products, there’s no need to go to the product page to buy one. We know what we buy :wink:

Wow i see a sale!!!

Like the new interface… The tinyClr website game me a lot of problem with Chrome when paging through the components.

Great work guys…

We actually had it and just removed it! The point was if you see the price there then how would you know there is a volume discount?
Like this one

You can put:

Starting at: $77.80

Then why not simply (?) repeat the same information ? Normal price and volume discount price.
Or saying something like “Volume discount available” below the price ?

My (personnal) thinking in general about sites where you have to “dig” to obtain prices is that those prices are too high :wink:

Edit: which is obviously not the case here, of course :hand:

I have checked other sites (sparkfun, adafruit, etc.)
Catalog view shows one price - price for one unit.
Details view shows price list based on quantity.

Seems like pretty standard approach.

What is “ODM” mean? OEM & ODM…

I think it is original design manufacturer (ODM)

Good explanation:

Well Done!
Very shoppers’ friendly! ;D

One little comment about the image of the Graphical Display 128x64,
should it be rotated according to it actual orientation?

Good point on display so it doesn’t mislead users on how the actual graphics are oriented.

Really love the new catalog. I wish that the price was shown when browsing through categories, like previous user suggested.

Also, I’ll drop the prices, but that just me :D…

Looks much better, much easier to find things on. However just like these forums and fezzer - google wont be able to find anything on it. The over use of AJAX is kinda sad, it’s not done in such a way that Google can browse content.
Those 11 links come from elsewhere, not through google finding stuff.

In addition, your SEO is pretty bad - google doesn’t look at anything after a #… so if a user is searching GHI Electronics Catalog they are fine… searching for a Domino? GHI will never come up well. Same goes for Page titles.

Looking great! 8)

Updates have been made, take a look.