New GHI BeagleBone Black Wireless received

I am not a linux junkie so I have to ask.

Using my just received GHI BeagleBone Wireless.
Running using HDMI, Wireless (USB port dongle) Keyboard and Mouse.

I am using a external 5 VDC 2.5 Amp power supply.
I am NOT connected to a PC using the mini USB port.

The board came without instructions on how to set it up. I followed all the links shown in the Quick Start Guide but I could find nothing about setting up WiFi (or anything else related specifically to the GHI board wireless board).

On bootup the first screen asked for a name and password.

For a new user, how would they know to use the standard debian name and password? (debian, temppwd)

On bootup I receive a dialog CMYS Warning Unable to find a systemtray on this machine. The program may still be used to manage your connections, but the icon will be disabled.

If you are seeing this message at startup and you know a
system tray exists once the system is up, try starting with the -w
switch and set a delay as necessary. The exact wait time will vary
from system to system.

Where is this setting set and what are the proper settings to use?

I found the Connman System Tray.

The Status Tab:
Global Properties
State: Idle
Offline Mode Disabled


Bluetooth and WiFi are Powered ON but not connected.
P2P is Off

Services List is empty.

Pressing the Rescan button shows a dialog.

CMTS Warning
We received a DBUS reply message indicating an error
while trying to scan technologies.

Error Name: org.freedeskstop.DBus.Error.NoReply.
Bla, bla, bla…

Wireless Tab:
I see WiFi Technologies: 1 Found, 1 Powered.
The Connect, Disconnect and Remove buttons are grayed out.

I’ll leave it at… HELP!:wall:

@ willgeorge - Poor you. Well first piece of advice is to update the OS to the latest (whatever the latest may be), since your issues may have been fixed in the latest version. Sometimes the version they put on the device isn’t the best. Most youtube tutorials will also advise you to update the firmware first thing. Updates take about an hour.

@ willgeorge - For the issue of the password logon screen coming up, during our testing process, we have seen this happen on occasion and simply resetting the board via removing power should have the standard beaglebone desktop be shown after boot. If it does not come up after a few reboots you may need to reflash the board. For additional support from, please follow this link for more support for your Beaglebone Black Wireless:

Just to clear up any confusion this product is actually a product of BeagleBoard.Org. We are a launch design and manufacturing partner but it is still a product from the Org.

@ Gary - Yea, but I guess willgeorge is going to get better support from GHI than the Org :smiley:

@ Mr. John Smith -

I came to GHI to see if they had any info that would be helpful.
I do realize that it is not their fault.

Looks like I trashed it! Now I have zero menu choices.

In my opinion the info is next to useless! (For a non Linux junkie)

But ‘Live and Learn’ I’d say!

First thing I see the for BeagleBone wireless Support is:
Getting Started
First step: connect your Beagle to this site. (Bit hard to do if the wireless is not working) :think:

I would also say that I came here first because this form is the BEST you can find. Some others are good
but nothing compared to the folks here!

We will always try to help as much as we can, just keep in mind we are not the BBB experts since in this case we are a manufacturing partner.

@ Gus -

Not to worry. You and your staff are the best!

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@ willgeorge - Just his staff?

Anyways, trying making an image on an SD card and booting from that.

@ Mr. John Smith - GHI is nothing without this amazing community :smiley:

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I’ll fix that shortly. Sorry, I know it should have already been posted. There are instructions out there, but we need a nice shiny new set of instructions to make sure it is clean.

This is actually an issue with the image for which we haven’t yet discovered the source. I thought it was resolved in the flashing process, but clearly this will be a FAQ if the automatic login does not proceed properly.

Do you have a screenshot? I’ve not seen this issue.

@ Mr. John Smith - I feel like has a pretty strong community, but certainly the GHI community and support are already very strong—and you can see clearly GHI is contributing to the answers. The community is certainly a bit fragmented with a large problem space (virtually all of computing it seems at times), but do know that we are committed to supporting you and most especially GHI as they escalate issues to us. Sometimes, will get you a quicker answer and sometimes not, but it doesn’t hurt to try there as well if you know it is more of a Beagle issue than a GHI issue. Let’s keep them engaged, but not hold them accountable for support on stuff that isn’t about the great design and manufacturing work they are doing in partnership with ;D

Actually, if you have the networking over USB drivers working, even without WiFi, you can still follow the out-of-box experience (bone101) information and tutorials—“connecting to the site”. This is because the tutorials use your browser to connect to both the board and the bone101 site, even if those two aren’t connected directly.

Still, agreed, it was questionable in some ways to let boards start shipping before the beginners how-to-connect-the-WiFi tutorial was up. That’s on me. Part of it is the on-going work on the simplified provisioning experience (just fixed a software bug last week that was preventing WiFi host and WiFi client from working at the same time) and some of it is just a matter of being swamped. It’s a priority. It’ll be done soon and will unfortunately need to be done in a way that supports multiple software revisions.

Until I get my documentation up, here’s some useful bits of info:


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Did I just get scolded? :-[

I hope that’s not the way you really feel about my response. I’m just proud of the support from the Beagle community, despite how it sometimes feels to those not use to the abrasiveness of the typical Linux geek. ;D