New Gadgeter core with VS2012 suppport

Wonder why we haven’t released our SDK yet? Well, here is why :slight_smile:

Next week you will have VS2012 support. RIP VS2010 :slight_smile: We hope you are as excited about this as we are.


will the next SDK support VS 2010 and 2012?


Gadgeteer SDK, yes.

GHI SDK, it should work fine with VS2010 but we are trying to concentrate on VS2012 for a better user experience.

Wonderful !!! :slight_smile:


I need to stick with VS2010 for a couple of month. So please keep SDK working with it. We don’t use Gadgeteer, but for the rest of the SDK it’s important to us.

great news.
been waiting for this


Excellent news! Out VS 2010!

This is great news, will there be a 4.3 sdk for the cerb40 and the OSHW family too??
Will be installing 2012 this weekend in anticipation. :slight_smile:


Woo! Hoo!

Where is Argon?

One of few bits of kit i don’t have… (yet)

Not sure, i will email him and ask :slight_smile:
@ Justin - that looks seriously nice. Whats the options on standard .netmf non gadgeteer?

The boards show up from the SDK’s you have installed…

Vanilla is the same as 2010

@ Justin

The only thing I would change in that picture is to use the same scale for each board.

@ Justin - Coolio