New Gadgeteer SDK 1.6.0 to add the latest moduels

We are very happy as this maybe the “goodbye release” for NETMF 4.1 and the start for NETMF 4.2. Expect a beta that includes FEZ Cerberus very soon. This is our top priority now.

Edit: No firmware update is needed as this only updates the gadgeteer SDK, no changes on NETMF and firmware sides.

As always, downloads are at
And release notes

Here is an update on FEZ Cerberus

So the difference with the previous one is only in the available module drivers?

yes nothing was changes in premium or OSHW NETMF SDKs, only gadgeteer.

Got it. Thank you!

Firmware update needed?

no firmware update is needed. Updated post!

@ Gus

Nice job on getting these drivers out! I was worried I’d have to wait for the 4.2 SDK.

This is why I love GHI and Gadgeteer…so easy. :slight_smile:

Within 10 minutes of downloading the new package, here’s what I’ve got:

Off topic for a sec – @ devhammer, how did you mount your board perpendicular to the Tamiya? Did you just use some L brackets?

The Tamiya boards come with several L brackets.

What Mike said…brackets that came with the board. :slight_smile:

Excellent news considering one shipment of new modules arrived here today and I suspect the other shipment will arrive tomorrow (hope hope).


Thanks Mike & devhammer – now that you mentioned it I see 2 hanging off the back. I don’t think that my kit came with 'em.