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New Forum: What happened to my Name?


I used to be “Mike”… I am now Mike7.

I tried to change it in the Modify Account facility but it does not allow me to become Mike again.

Is it possible that I never really existed? Is this an alien probe event? :smiley:


This has happened before with a user. I believe is was rajesh (correct me if I’m wrong).
Everytime he changed his name, the number increased by 1 :smiley:

Josh to the rescue :smiley:


I’m not sure why your name changed to Mike7. Must be a bug in the naming code. However I did notice our support guy Mike needed your name now that we’re dropping the monkey names. At first I made you Mike2 (see Architect’s response below) but I adjusted our system to allow the same names when it comes to support members.


Doesn’t sound like a fair decision.


Mike’s name is now back.


Gus, Josh, Robert, etc., If you guys didn’t already have your own wildly successful company, and I did, I would give you guys jobs in a heartbeat! Man did I hook up with the right vendor to supply my .NetMF components. I really do look forward to what will happen for all of us over the next year. Be as smart with your finances as you are with product development and customer support and you are going to be HUGE!


Thank you gentlemen! I was having an identify crisis!

I think the changing of my name was associated with changing of my password.


@ Mike7 sorry Mike I actually wondered who the hell it was…I thought someone had posted the most amazing project on fezzer and got oodles of experience points Ha Ha

Cheers Ian



I am still mike7 on chat.