New firmware, new joke

I all, I make a simple project in SW 4.2. It works since monthes.
Recently, I have to update the firmware of the sdk.
And then, I switch some files in references folder to have latest sdk improvements.
But, unfortenatly, “(Cpu.Pin)FEZHydra.Pin.PA12” dosn’t work anymore…
Guys, why change something like this. ??? It take me really irritated …
Then, now the question, How can I do the same thing like “”(Cpu.Pin)FEZHydra.Pin.PA12"?

The hardware pin references were moved to a new dll class. In the references, you will need to add GHI.Hardware.FEZHydra and use this:

using GHI.Hardware.FEZHydra;

to access this.

To make the transition easier, all you need to do is erase bFEZHydra.[/b] from every instance of the pin being called. It is not necessary to type cast the pin enumeration as they are already Cpu.Pin types. This should be all that you need to do.

Just back up each of your projects before making any changes.