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New firmware has been uploaded


This new GHI NETMF SDK version 1.0.3 with USBizi firmware version adds many great new features to USBizi (FEZ)
First of all, the firmware has gone through a lot of intensive testing and we fixed/enhanced many things
As far as features, it added:

  1. Real Time Clock support.
  2. PWM support updated.
  3. CAN support.
  4. Watchdog support.
  5. Battery RAM support.
  6. Cryptography support.

As always, check the release notes on the download page and make sure you update the firmware to the latest as explained in the video and the tutorial. Everything you need is on the download page


I updated the firmware per your instructions, but now I can’t load a project onto my Domino.

When I try to run the app from VS it acts like it’s going to enter normal debug mode but then cancels out.

What do I do now? Can I go back to the older version??


That is normal, your old project is using the old assemblies but the new firmware requires the new assemblies.

Try a new project and it will work just fine.

Now, for your existing project, you can remove all assemblies from the project, compile it to get some errors then add the new libraries back…it will now work :wink:


I figured so and removed the references and replaced…

Maybe a mention of this in your instructions for post upgrading firmware, etc.



Good point. Actually this mentioned in many places but we will see if we can make it more clear.