New firmware 4.3 R5 Friendly name is not Gadgeteer. It s G400_G400 instead

I just upgraded my G400 raptor board from 4.3 R4 to 4.3 R5. I didn’t update TinyBooter. I updated TinyCLR only. The USB Friendly name says G400_G400 instead of Gadgeteer in FEZ config. I thought the USB Friendly name has to be Gadgeteer. Can you tell me this friendly name is OK or not?

I also noticed with the new firmware R5 installed, if I plug the small USB cable in the raptor board, the keypad and the touchscreen modules are not as responsive. But when I connect MFDeploy or FEZ config to watch debug statements, the keypad and touchscreen are working normal again (not slow anymore). If I don’t plug in the small USB cable, it is working normal also. Any idea why? Thanks.

As far as I’m aware the Raptors have always been G400_G400 but I always rename mine and have not experienced any issues.

@ nsmith - The friendly name can be almost anything you want, it doesn’t have to be Gadgeteer. G400_G400 is a valid name.

Can you post a small example that reliably shows that responsiveness issue? Do you have a lot of Debug.Print statements in your code?

Thanks. I will leave the name as G400_G400.

I don’t know how to post an example to show the responsiveness issue. Unless I show you a video. It is just very obvious that as soon as I unplug the small USB cable, the touchscreen and keypad is back to normal. Yes, I do have a lot of debug statements.

@ nsmith - Just a small program that I can deploy to a board and try to reproduce the slowdown. There is a known issue in the core of NETMF where Debug.Print statements in a program that is not connected to the computer can slow down the board. Try to remove them and see if it improves.