New FEZ Spider Kit - Camera Module woes

Just got my Spider kit today. open the box and get started with the Hello World project from the Getting started book. That works fine… button clicks, led lights up… i’m happy!! On to the Spy Camera project… Connected the Camera to port 3, and the T35 to ports 12, 13, 14 as instructed. typed in all the code from the book as written and checked it at least 45 times… connected usb hub and debug in VS… stuff happens… board reboots… screen flashes and then just the debug text on the display… set some breakpoints and in the camera.CameraReady is ALWAYS 0 so it never takes a picture. So i go to the wiki and using the Camera Troubleshooting code in a new project… run that in debug and the CameraConnected event never fires. I then connected the camera directly to the usb hub and connected it to my PC… the Camera DOES NOT show up in devices.

Do i have a bad camera module? or is there some other troubleshooting i can do? Attached are snaps of the screen display and the spider with modules connected and powered on.


Thanks in advance,

The most common mistake is not having the latest firmware. Please make sure you have the latest SDK, see release notes. After installation, make sure you’ve loaded the latest firmware on the device. The firmware is updated though the integrated updater software found under the start menu. If that fails, or if your device doesn’t have such software, you can always run the update manually.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum (you’ve posted twice now I gather so this might be a little belated :slight_smile: )

There used to be a sticky here about diagnosing the camera, I’ll dig a bit deeper shortly. GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software has some of the diagnosing information, as you’ve seen. Given you have done the DP module test and it hasn’t shown up on your PC, it does sound like you have an issue. I’d always try a different USB cable at this point, and a different gadgeteer cable too; those things should be quick to eliminate them as potential problems. But failing that, I would err on the side of a failed / faulty camera. Once that’s “more” confirmed, request an RMA with GHI and reference this thread, and it should all happen. I don’t suppose you know anyone who also has a Gadgeteer camera that you could try out? (that might be a bit of a long shot but one worth putting out there!)

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Thanks Ian and Brett for the replies…

For firmware. I did the update from the installer when requested during the environment set up. moved the dip switches to loader and firmware updated successfully. put the dip back to default mode. all using v4.1 SDK.

I did try a few different ribbon cables hoping i just got a bad cable, but same results. I will try a new USB cable later today (i have to locate one :smiley: ).

I will reply with any findings later today.

Thanks again.

Hi mike and welcome to the forum.
I noticed that you are using a USB hub? Is it a powered hub?. Just to be sure try plugging directly into the pc’s USB port and see if that makes a difference. There have been a few issues in the past where a non powered hub doesn’t quite supply enough power, that was with different modules attached but it’s worth a try.

@ HughB - I mistyped… it’s not a USB hub… it’s the DP Module. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the advice still good to know for future ideas.

Alas… i think the camera module is DOA. tried every gadgeteer cable in the kit, and three USB cables. still do not get windows to recognize the camera as a device. I tested a few other modules, button, LCD, LED, Joystick using other projects in the get started book, and they all work fine.

Just to be 100% show a picture of camera connected to USB client please.

And no worries about getting you a replacement if needed.

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by USB client you mean CameraModule -> DP Power module -> PC

Yes that should be it. Please email us directly with order number and link to this post and will get you a replacement right away. Contact Us – GHI Electronics

awesome will do Gus! thanks everyone for the troubleshooting tips as well.

New Camera module arrived. Connected and working like a champ! Awesome service Gus and everyone else at GHI!!

Glad we could help