New FEZ board for TinyCLR

On the hardware page of TinyCLR for months now it says that the new FEZ is making its way to the distributors.
When will it be available? What will the spec’s be? Does it have integrated Wifi?

You are right. Stay tuned for major announcements in a very few weeks. The plan took much longer than anticipated but you will love what what you will see.

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Hi Gus, thanx for the reply. I planned to use a Panda III board for a project. But the code does not fit in the memory (it is around 330KB). So now I doubt if I should buy the Cobra III board or wait a few weeks for the new board. I will need around 30 boards for my prototype (within one month) and later this year on around 200 more. Since there is a significant price difference between the Panda and the Cobra I am curious for the specifications of the new board.

If you are looking for those quantities I suggest you email GHI direct and setup a discussion. I am sure they could offer you a working solution.

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As Dave suggested, it is always best to work with us directly on commercial projects.