New drivers on Fezzer for Sound Sensor, Joystick Shield, and Tone Buzzer

I have added drivers to Fezzer for the parts I have been working with:

  1. Sparkfun Joystick Shield (X, Y, plus 5 buttons)
  2. Sound Sensor to determine noise level
  3. Piezo buzzer class to play musical notes

Thank you, these will be very helpful I believe 8)

I looked in the posted source code on this,

and you did mentioned in the code about the Mic Board with the reference SKU# BOB-08669,
and tried to look at this item on the Sparkfun Product Website, but unable to find the item as mentioned.
Could you verify that it is the right number? (SKU: BOB-08669)

Thanks in advance,


Sam, the part I am using is somewhat older and no longer comes up in the search. The newer part is BOB-09964. You can see the original part at this link:

Thanks for the quick response.

Will this mic. give a different result, since it start value is from 2.7V to 5.5V. when I use this with your code, which is start from 2.5V?

If I want to use this newer mic. what should I have to do to adjust the value in the code to make to work properly?

Thanks in advance,


I expect that each board would work slightly differently depending on inpout voltage and other factors. Notice that I do not use the 2.5V value in my code. I added the SetZeroLevel method so that you can determine what value is returned when things are “quiet” and then use relative measurements from there. In my hardware, I get a quiet value of about 71 (out of 100). When I call the REad() method, the value that comes back is the percentage of the scale from the current reading between the “quiet” baseline and full voltage. Therefore, a reading of an absolute 86 would return about 50% (half way beteeen my baseline of 71 and full scale 100). My idea was that this way small differences in the board would not matter.

So, to answer your question: you don’t need to change the code at all.

Thanks Blue Hair Bob,
for the lengthy explanation, it gave me better picture now! :wink: