New component suggestions

I purchased the Domino starter kit and have the following suggestions:

  1. Add a prototype/DIY component. This is a component with a JSF33AA jack, signal and power rails and an area of holes for soldering transistors etc. Allows the customer to build their own components. Could do single, double or triple versions. Could also have an area where pins could be added to make it compatible with a prototyping board.

  2. Add a holder into which you can snap components. This stops domino/component shield from looking like Medusa.

  1. we already have a prototyping shield
  2. FEZ Domino is made so it is compatible with Arduino shields. This is not the best design ever but we had no choice

But when you use the component shield you can not easily use the prototype shield.

Yes agree but an option is to place JST connectors (we offer them) right on the proto shield and then you no longer need the component shield…just an idea :wink:

I guess I like the component shield better than you! :smiley:

With the component shield, I can rapidly put together a prototype by plugging in different interfaces. I would not have to take out a soldering iron. A prototype component would allow me to build an inventory of custom components.

When I get a few free hours, I will design and have a few boards made. I will send you a sample.

The while idea of having the hardware open source is that anyone can make things for it the way they like it. We would love to see more shields and components made foe FEZ :wink:

might also be worth checking out what liquidware already have in regard to proto shields, I see they have a lot of options, I was surprised !

Oh yes I forgot about liquidware! They are mentioned in our manual. You can use thier extender board to connect the component shield and the proto shield