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New CAN driver wish list


GHI is now updating the CAN drivers as promised. We need a wish list from you of what you like to see in the new drivers.

Here is a starting point (which maybe everything!)

  1. Performance tailored methods. We want to try to get 100% bus load.
  2. Runs on Larger devices (EMX) and also on smaller ones (USBizi)
  3. Native or hardware message filtering
  4. TimeStamp messages. (DO we need the user to set the base counter or just use the system tick?)
  5. Events of received messages
  6. Error events (buss off, RX overrun, TX timeout?)
  7. A way to manage outgoing messages (sent, detailed, failed…)

…please add more wishes

  1. TimeStamp messages. System tick is good enough. This to increase perfomance when reading whithout any calculations going on behind.

  2. Set listen mode, good when using the CAN device as a logger so it doen’t send error frames when configed wrong.

  3. Auto baudrate. Sets listen mode and tries a set of default bus speeds (125, 250, 500, 1000).

Thats for now :slight_smile:

  1. A native fifo transmit/receive buffer that extends the 3/2 hardware buffers (with user-definable buffer size, in number of messages)

  1. Add acceptance filter Index as a property to received messages.