New building progress

We have been working on getting the new building set full time. A LOT of discussing and planning… but it is happening beautifully. Of course we have to share our excitement with you guys.

Stage 1 in the work is in finishing the “developer division”, which includes a large training room. This “developer division” is only half the upstairs office space. The other half will be the hardware lab.

Here are first pictures, wallpaper removed and walls being prepped and smoothed out for sanding and painting in next couple days.

The “little construction worker” is my 2 year old princess!

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She’s adorable! The office space isn’t bad either!

I would love to see the hardware lab after it is done!

Did she pick her office already? :slight_smile:

Congrats on the building.

Looks like you’ve got quite a project ahead of you!

Is your daughter going to run the Cat5 for you?

She is running the cat, not sure about 5 :slight_smile:

I’m curious about all the holes drilled along the bottom edge of the drywall. I’ve never seen that before. What’s that all about?

@ ianlee74 - can be to inject the walls against raising water.

Congratulations !!!

I’m sure you’ll be up and running in no time.

looks like a landing strip being prepared in the middle of the room :slight_smile: (maybe for testing the Future Fez Drone :wink: )…

Nice one, more space, more toys for us :slight_smile:

If they’re expecting that much water then I have concerns about the future FEZ quality :wink:

This is the hardware division picture (first one). I like how it overlooks the shop (second picture)

Bathroom tiles are in and paint will be done tomorrow and after. Some developer may actually move to new building in about a week.

Lots of room! Nice progress with the building!

Sure looks like a lot of square footage!!!

Painting started. Everything looks 100 times better already.

We love the 30x20 feet conference room :slight_smile: Time for some FEZ training!

Or maybe the new home to the Great Lakes NETMF User Group? :wink:

And hey, the guy in the red shirt doing drywall will ‘test drive virgins for free’ - now that’s a bit creepy. Keep and eye on that guy.

Cant wait to see pics of the shop with all the kit installed! Great progress Gus and all at GHI.
Im loving watching this thread :slight_smile:

Edit : @ Gus how does this new building compare to your current office??

Nice place to build a maze for mini robot!

@ Dr9 - LOL! Nice catch!