New BrainPad Recalled?

I just received an email from Mouser saying that both the FEZ wireless and BrainPad2 have been recalled by GHI. Is this true and if so, why?

We have missed something and we are updating the stock. Wich is why you haven’t seen an official announcement about the products yet. Sorry about any inconvenience.

Everything has to be perfect with GHI 2.0

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Racing stripes? :joy:


Do you have an estimated timeframe for restocking at distributors such as Mouser. Are we talking weeks or months.

Actually days! We are trying our best and mouser has been very helpful. It is good to have such a great partner on our side.

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It seems that mouser has somes issues with order of FEZ and Brainpad: my order was cancelled. :disappointed_relieved:

apparently, it’s over. just received a notification that the board was shipped :slight_smile:

Only option: order by pack of 100 ! :scream:

out of your hundred, can you send me one? :slight_smile:


@Brett sorry, it seems order can to be placed again. I can order one Fez now, so no more to share :wink:

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1 or 100 LOL