New book version is online

This version 1.03 dated Aug 3rd added watchdog and low power modes and fixes numerous errors on the book.

Note that the book now talks about VS2010 and also includes new features that you can’t use yet, like power modes. The release SDK will be online to support VS2010 and add power modes…and more!

…stay tuned :wink:

Cool! I’m just about to install the new SDK now, will read the new book after.

Cool, thanks for your amazing work here, i will check it out
When you have time can you also add some info about the timer and extendedtimer? I have been searching for the differences between those, too.

thanks anyway.

Page 11refers to vs 2008
Page 35 only lists assemblies for domino and mini… Should it have the othersd?

Page 90 vs2008 reference

Thanks Mike. I will wait for couple more days as other or you may find other errors in the book and I will fix all at once.

Hey Gus, where did System.IO.Ports go in NETMF 4.1?

ports class


grumble your looking for serial ports.

says it there. using works wonder why you cant add as reference.


That being added as a reference allowed me to use Serialport.

post that lead me there

Ah, I see. Wasn’t used to it being there. Thanks!