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New Beta Online


This new Beta uses .Net Micro Framework v4.1 (previous versions used v4.0).
It requires Visual Studio 2010 and NETMF SDK v4.1, so you need to uninstall previous versions first.
This release is new and seperate for NETMF v4.1
SDK version is 1.0.0 and firmware is

The new firmware includes many enhancements, fixes and new features! Such as, hashtable, RLP, fixes in the file system, flexibility in SPI interface and more!


Are we skipping the prior beta for 4.0?


This has all features that were in previous beta and more.


FINALLY! I hope this finally fixes those annoying deployment errors and crashes :dance:


Rocking will load up tonight.


Hmm now I get to play with VS 2010. Loaded that on last night Firmware and project upgrades tonight.