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New Avatars


I have not seen any discussions about the new avatars.

I don’t think I like mine since I am not that good looking.


[quote]I have not seen any discussions about the new avatars.
I think, it’s kind of sensitive area, to comment or criticise someone artwork.

I personally love the artwork of the avartars. Its look great, isn’t it? :clap:
I like the theme of our forum’s avartar, newbie, minor, and junior seem to go along together real well. I like the master’s avatar too.
Senior’s avartar seem to be out of the group, sorry! ???

Should we ask all the thirteen Senior on our forum to vote for the new avatar?

What do you think all the senior?


I want one of those lollies.

Also, I like them, it brightens the place up.


I think the concept is good but would suggest a small selection to choose for each experience group. It can be distracting when reading posts, when different people with the same experience level is chatting. Just the choice of text colour (color - for the Americans) would make all the difference.

Just a thought.



I dont mind the avatars based on ranking, but I do miss a personal avatar. A personal avatar makes it easier (for me at least) to remember who is who and as the forum grows it will be even harder to keep track of posts made by people one thrust and respects.
And I really miss a threading of posts (after all its FEZ)


I was surprised the first day i saw them now its just part of the scenery. Personal avators would be nice but sadly i know mine would be the default blank one. <----- LAZY


I like the AVs. If we aren’t goign to have custom AVs, this is probably runner up. Maybe custom AVs could be an option for Legends?


Josh is trying different options on the forum on his very very limited free time. We will surely have a lot more options in future.


I find them great! They brighten up the place. Since it’s a pretty dark website with lots of dark color schemes, these funky avatars brighten up the place.

I like them very much, however I do agree with the fact that it can be distracting.


I like them. It makes Chris look like an old man :slight_smile:


Whoever created avatars (maybe Josh?), is very creative I like them all…GHI should give him some paid-time-off :smiley:

How about making each avartar represent a FEZ animal something like… panda, rhino,cobra, etc. just a thought.


I think Josh draws them and GHI has someone else paint them.


Reverse the order and you have the answer.