We are useing many uALFAT USB board to read USB memory on our product system.
It busy to read 0xfe and 0xff data from USB.
Because it have to many times to read the many 0xfe and 0xff.
We have to conversion 0xfe,0xfe,0xfe to read 0xfe.
And we have to conversion 0xfe,0x00 to read 0xff.

I have question about New ALFAT.
Do I have to the same seaquence to read the same data at New ALFAT?

If you have the solution to read 0xfe and 0xff data easy, please let me know command.

Tanks and regards.

There were many improvements and we provide complete examples on using ALFAT. I highly recommend taking a look at the manual.

Porting Guide:
ALFAT Manual: