New $15 Intel board



This is just so cute! I would buy it just for this “32MHz, 32-bit x86 Microcontroller”

@ terrence - Looks like arduino shield compatible pinouts…is that correct?

Could be an interesting board, particularly if it can be programmed from the Arduino environment. But more interesting if it could be programmed in C#. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - I believe so.

an Arduino Uno compatible shield’s interface…

@ Gus - A little bit of solder wick and there you go.

@ Gus - Can you make this happen?:whistle:

But more interesting if it could be programmed in C#.

Not sure why it’s especially interesting; 32 MHz, 32K flash, 8K RAM. It’s, like, a slightly faster AVR. This thing is not going to run NETMF.

Let’s compare the Nucleo-F446RE: 180 MHz Cortex-M4, 512K flash, 128K RAM. This thing ALREADY RUNS NETMF. Oh, and it’s $11.

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@ godefroi - Well, x86 proc for $15 seems like a pretty low process point for that kind of processor. Sure, similar ARM-based solutions are cheaper, but that’s a somewhat different animal, no?

@ devhammer - Definitely a different animal. I don’t know what the performance of the Quark is vs a Cortex-M4, but I’d be pretty surprised if it were anywhere close.

Remember, you’re not talking about a 32 MHz version of your Core-i7 here; it’s a stripped-down version of a stripped-down version of the Pentium architecture.

@ godefroi - Understood.

All I said was that it was interesting. Didn’t say anything about expecting it to replace my laptop, or anything like that.

If it can’t run NETMF, then it’s that much less interesting to me (hence my comment “more interesting if it could run C#”).

But hey, if you don’t find it interesting, that’s cool, too. No skin off my nose.

if someone is interested to run X86 code have a look at [url][/url] 8)

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@ devhammer - for the NETMF of today, it’s a complete non-starter. Nowhere near enough flash and RAM. In the llilum world, maybe, but it’s still overpriced and underspecced compared to the existing controllers.

Just ordered one. Can’t wait until it arrives! :dance:


The one published on April 1? :smiley:

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I’m with @ godefroi, this thing is way too sad, and feels like a 386/486SX and 1992. A saving grace might have been if it had an 80x87 FPU, but it doesn’t.

I’d be down for a Lemur with an F446

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Not surprisingly that Intel needs to fire so many employees… They seems to have a hard time to design something spectacular

@ RobvanSchelven - They do seemed to have miss judged the IoT and mobile space, and have the PC market collapsing. Even without that, the margins that funded them through the last decades simply can’t compete with the ARM and MIPS cores that have owned the 32-bit embedded space. Those things have got so much critical mass at this point, the competitive offerings would need to be mind-blowing for designs to be shifted.

I’ve always wondered if they couldn’t have just die shrunk the original Pentium into current silicon geometries.

They have some mobile phone/modem chipsets, but the resulting modules are rather large, which isn’t going to fit well in the “everything connected” model where small size and low costs are pressing drivers.

Kind of expecting the CISCO/HP/SYMANTEC types to see similar decimation of the ranks.

@ clive1 - I don’t think the PC market is “collapsing”; certainly not as fast as the tablet market is.

Intel could almost certainly die shrink the Pentium and use current production technologies. I suspect, however, that they’d perform poorly compared to current ARM processors. Technology has moved A LOT since back then.