NetworkUp doesn't fire. Bug? or Deprecated?

My Wifi RS21 is set up and working great using this code from willgeorge and Duke Nukem, which is pretty much “gospel” apparently for getting wifi working in v4.2

However, [b]NetworkUp/b does not fire! In fact, if you look in the OUTPUT of the code in codeshare linked above, NetworkUp is not there! Note that NetworkDown does fire!

If you look at this more recent post…

… you find the Chosen Answer by andre.m is that “it is enough to use 2 events”, which are

Ok, fine. So my question is, are these older v4.1 methods such as NetworkUp and NetworkDown and all sorts of other stuff in the NetworkModule class DEPRECATED? And if so, why is that not annotated in the lib? Or, is there a BUG in the RS21 driver?