Networking with Gadgeteer Modules like ENC28

Are there any plans to make this work?
Or did’nt I find it?

Nothing is planned for gadgeteer. But if you are asking, will enc28 be supported in TinyCLR then the answer is yes.

Do I understand you correctly, that then it should be possible to make the ENC28 Modules run together with old Mainboards e.g. FEZReaper under TinyClr?
If yes, how long will it appx. take that you finish your implementation in TinyClr?

Yes absolutely. @Bauland has built many drivers for almost every gadgeteer module.

We do not have any public release dates but I can tell you it is already working internally.

I did not find any Networking code @bauland 's examples. I’ll ask him.

Perhaps because they doesn’t exist yet :smile:
Current version of TinyClr Don’t have networking layer. It should be changing with next versions.
And I don’t be absolutely certain to have skills to do them.

That was my information. But as Gus told me…

I meant he already made many gadgeteer drivers so he will probably be generous enough and make an Ethernet driver

I just thought of something. You can use this today with and small change

I’ll try but tomorrow. It is 12pm here.
Do you work every Sunday?

24/7 is the only way

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Any updates on the support for the ENC28 PHY moduel to TinyCLR OS?

We have full networking support now in TinyCLR 2.0, which is in private preview. You can join the program for commercial use TinyCLR 2.0 Insiders Wanted

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That´s great news! Any info on the final public release? we need an estimated date to have our roadmap clear regarding development using TinyCLR

It was all shared privately with the companies listed in the program. Please join in and get all the info you need.

Yesterday I wrote an email to support requesting info to join the program and haven´t received any response yet

Yesterday was a holiday in the US, and many companies are closed today also.

You will have to wait till Monday please