Networking on a EMX Dev Board

I have a EMX Dev Board that I’m trying to do networking on. When I attempt to resolve an DNS name I get the following error:

DNS server IP address was not found.

The code that I’m using is:

IPHostEntry hostAddress = Dns.GetHostEntry(server);

I have verified that the DNS server that is set is correct. I have also tried to use DHCP which seems to properly resolve all of the network settings (IP Address, DNS servers, gateway, etc.). What other things should I look for?


Maybe you could try ping dev board from PC. I’m using framework 4.2, with RS21, and my spider gets correct ip. But i cannot ping it, and GetHostEntry doesn’t work either. This problem is only with one of my router, other works fine…

I figured it out. I was using the Dns.GetHostEntry from GHIElectronics.NETMF.Net. However, the EMX board apparently requires that you use Microsoft’s networking found in the System assembly (namespace System.Net). After switch out the assembly references and adjusting the namespaces everything appears to be working as designed.