Networking LWIP stack limits

The LWIP stack has the following limits defined for each profile

MAX TCP Sockets - 5
MAX Listening TCP Connections - 5
MAX UDP Sockets - 4

MAX TCP Sockets - 16
MAX Listening TCP Connections - 8
MAX UDP Sockets - 8

MAX TCP Sockets - 32
MAX Listening TCP Connections - 12
MAX UDP Sockets - 16

Of the active TCP Sockets only a subset of them can be listening sockets, but the total TCP sockets cannot exceed the profile limit. So for the large profile you can have up to 32 TCP sockets of which a max of 12 can be listening.

UDP sockets are independent of the TCP sockets therefore the total number of sockets = MAX TCP Socket + MAX UDP Sockets.

are those limits still true?

I think this is an issue on GitHub to document this and also document the internal interpreter profile.