Network samples?

Or wifi boot1 (pb2) to GND need too.

Wifi boot1 ? I can’t see it on FEZ schematic

If I can certainly access wifi, I will buy one. But from @John_Brochue, I should access UART.

Based on doc.

Page 9/18

  1. To initiate firmware download pin boot0 need to be high during power up and Resetn need to pulled down at least 5ms to initiate firmsare download.

boot0 yes, but you said boot1.
I have connected boot0 on 3.3V (yellow wire on photo).

Reset is to low from code. (But pulled high at power up).

Do not mix code

Boot0 to 3.3v
Reset on GND (at least during boot)
Rx to uart tx
Tx to uart rx

Do not connect fez anywhere just from uart to wifi directly

As reset (of Wifi) and GPIO9 (for wifi) are connected to STM32F401 directly, I can’t connect this pins: it risks to destroy mcu, doesn’t it ?
@valon_hoti_gmail_com: Have you update your wifi firmware ?

No i haven’t because i have no lucky to buy it because they do not ship to Kosovo :frowning:

I redo some test with new 1.0.0.preview-1 version. No more error at start, but error in SendHttpGet:

#### Exception System.Exception - 0x00000000 (1) ####
    #### Message: Request failed: <html><body><h1>It works!</h1></body></html>
    #### GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Networking.SPWF04Sx.SPWF04SxInterface::SendHttpGet [IP: 00a7] ####
    #### testWifi.App::Init [IP: 014d] ####
    #### testWifi.App::.ctor [IP: 000a] ####
    #### testWifi.Program::Main [IP: 0005] ####

Request fails but content is read !!! :scream:

Even parity? Unusual to see that…

That’s from doc:

I burn partially stm32f407 discovery
Nor otg nor usb port working

But pins work and i used uart usb
I Did

Which allowed me to use UART loader with UART usb

Way i connected is

Uart 3.3v connected to disco 3.3v
Gnd connected to disco gnd
Tx. Can connect to any rx of disco doesnt matter which one (rx1 rx2 rx6)
Rx can connect to any tx of disco doesnt matter did is tx1 tx2 tx6

Uart flash loader work and uploaded tinyclros on it
But i read somewhere only max 1 mb flash can upload

wifi have 2 mb

So try only outer pins for wifi and just make and short connection between resetn and gnd by hand and one wire plug uart on pc after certain time remove shorted wire and try did work uart loader

@valon_hoti_gmail_com, @John_Brochue: I have succeeded update firmware !!! :smile:

What was incorrect is step to set boot:

  • connect boot0 to 3.3V: ok
  • connect the board: ok
  • and after connect wifi reset pin to low and high (was wrong as I connect during power up)
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Glad to hear you got it updated. We’re working on getting improved documentation for the update process online soon.

@John_Brochue: I can do that if you want, I know how to do it. :wink:

It should have some change with 1.0.0-preview because even with old firmware I have no more buffer error or config error. Boot seems to be not corrupt too (perhaps a better spi communication ?).

Now, I have update firmware. But I can’t join wifi AP no more.

Feel free to submit a PR to the docs repo, we’re always happy to have contributions.

Did you factory reset the configuration after updating the firmware? I can’t recall the exact spot in the manual where they mention it, but they do call out resetting the config after each update. That may be why you cannot join an AP.

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It should be done soon.

Yes, I did it. I can confirm it is joining with 170216 version (now that I can switch fw !) but not with 171117 version even if I reset config.

what about this discussion? is there any progress?
I have bought 2 FEZ from Mouser and I have the same problem as Bauland anymore: Buffer size error continues to appear randomly and it hangs on line: var res = (HttpWebResponse)req.GetResponse();.
I see that I have also version 170216 on the WiFi-module. The firmware update seems to be a little bit difficult (see above). On the FEZ I have the newest firmeware 1.0.

We want to use the FEZ for a new device but than we need WiFi! Is there a solution in near future?

Progress are paused. But I think GHI Team are on the bridge to release 1.0.0.preview2. I hope we can have news soon.
I Don’t know when documentation will be release but update is not so difficult. For me the main problem is that even firmware is updated it seems I can’t join network.

Only GHI team can give a good answer, but I think it would be soon.

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preview2 is in testing and we should be able to help further after it is released.