Network Reset PIN

Hello all, I’m testing some network features with a SCM2026D Dev Rev C
I using the following code from the docs:

var gpioController = GpioController.GetDefault();
var resetPin = gpioController.OpenPin(SC20260.GpioPin.PG3);




I have a couple questions about this code, what is the reset pin doing (I guess it is clearing the PHY transceiver?), how can I check if it is working properly?
And the last question is: my final desing will use the SCM20260E, the reset remains in the same pin?

Looking forward to your answers!

You can check if the reset works by checking the lights on the network port! They turn off while the PHY is in reset state.

Thanks a lot @LucaP , that is what I’m trying but the lights are still on after commenting out this line:


I was hoping that the PHY will be held in reset and the lights will be out but these are still on.

When you comment out that line, doesn’t mean the pin goes low. The pin could be floating and at that time it ia still high.

I thought that the previous write will hold it low until I call write high again.

What would be your suggestion to maintain the reset?
Or to verify if that ping is doing the reset properly?

If it was set low then it should be low all the time.
We will check this behavior.

Just tested quickly, the lights on network port go off immediately right after I set the pin to low.

You may set that pin high somewhere in your code so even comment out the line above, the light still on.

For sure, instead of comment out, just set the pin low.

If you are using custom board, you may wire those lights not correct yet.
And we are not talking about the lights on router or hub port side which we don’t control them at all:))

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Got it, I see it now.
It is weird how there was still activity for a while in the hub, it takes a few seconds to light out on both ends of the cable.

Thanks a lot

Then that is a bug on the Hub because Hub controls their lights, not SITCore :)))

Thanks again!