NETMF with 2 x RS232 ports?

I could make something but not a lot of time do this just now.

Has anyone come across a NETMF board with 2 RS232 ports in a smallest size as possible?

I could use the Fez Spider with 2 plug in modules but Mouser doesn’t seem to have the RS232 boards anymore.

I did find one supplier but that their prices there is not chance of using them. :slight_smile:

Actual RS232 DB9’s? Wow !

I will look in the kit to see if I can get you an RS232 module or two. I’m assuming you need them before Bathurst?

Need a total of 4 of them for this small project for a client.

By when and how small?

By the end of this month when I go on holiday on the 28th and this includes doing the software.

It’s to convert a gyro compass output to another so we can feed one we have lying around into the fixed input on an ROV.

I have used these they work great.

Thanks dweaver. Need something that doesn’t require any soldering. :slight_smile:

Could you use?

Again, requires soldering. I like the Gadgeteer RS232 as it was plug in. Need the same here or a board with built in 2 x RS232. :slight_smile:

How about the Netduino 3. It has been ported for TinyCLR. Check out this post I made yesterday.

I can get a main board no problem (Fez Spider or Cobra 3), the issue is finding an off the shelf RS232 module that does not require soldering and can plug direct into the board. The old RS232 modules for Gadgeteer did just that but sadly no longer manufactured :frowning:

Maybe this is way off base, but how about something along these lines?



Just a thought… Kinda spendy, but off the shelf, and no soldering.

Never mind… It appears like the click modules both have D0, and D1 for Tx/RX… So that won’t work. Sorry!
EDIT x2:
Never mind x2. It also appears like you’d have to solder the header into the Mikro Click boards.

The headers are there but it doesn’t require soldering. Might require crimped connectors though.

I found something. Not sure about where the vendor is located but marked 4 in stock


They are in Germany. I’ll check what the postage costs are but this might just do the trick.