NETMF Version Mismatch

I have just bought a FEZ Spider 1.0 along with a Temperature an Humidity Censor and a Moisture Censor.
When I create a Project in Visual Studio using NETMF 4.2, the sensors don’t get dropped on the canvas and give an error that “The hardware is unusable as it requires version 4.3”.

When I create a project with NETMF 4.3, the censors get dragged-and-dropped but the Build fails with an error on “unable to copy microlib as the version on the Board is 4.2”.

I am trying to find ways of upgrading the FEZ Firmware. I have had a mix of articles with a mix of various versions of FEZ_Config and MSDeploy etc. It’s confusing. Is there some standard documentation for my board and the .Net Gadgeteer framework I have to find out the right process to upgrade the Firmware?


Welcome to the NETMF Community.

You must check:

Bootloader and Firmeware Version of the Spider must have the same Version.
Spider use a EMX Board!

If you use the 4.2 Firmware und must set the Target Framework of your Project to 4.2.
If you use the 4.3 Firmware und must set the Target Framework of your Project to 4.3.

By Mismatch you get a lot of Problems.

I hope this helps.

The simplest way to remember this is - if you have installed the current SDK, then you just run FezConfig that gets installed with the SDK, and it will help you upgrade.