NETMF Talk at the Heartland Developer Conference

Thanks again to Gus for providing the giveaways and discount code for this event.

The room, as it was at VSLive, was standing room only. People really dig NETMF.

I demonstrated the Cerbuino Bee robot as well as Netduino Go. Talk had to fit in 45 minutes (!!) so didn’t get into the detail I wanted, but covered the spectrum of NETMF devices.


Thank you Pete for showing netmf to the world.

That’s awesome. I understand the time constraint. I had 75 mins at DevLink last week and that wasn’t enough. You really need at least 2 hrs to give a good very high level overview of everything from pins to displays.

Yeah. I’m usually able to do a high-level overview, a few demos, one “make the LED” blink, and do giveaways in 1:15. 45 just wasn’t happening. This conference is good, but sessions are really short, and only have 15 minutes between them.

One thing I really liked with thatConference was they had a half hour between sessions and sessions themselves were either 1:00 or 1:15.

You did NETMF at devlink? Awesome! How did it go? Lots of folks in the room?


I did. Actually, my talk covers a little more than just NETMF. It’s a brief rundown of the evolution from Arduino to NETMF to Gadgeteer with demos of each. Not at all easy to cram into 1:15. Next year I’m thinking of proposing something similar as two different sessions - part 1 for everything except Gadgeteer and part 2 for just Gadgeteer. I had a great session. William Wallace gave a Gadgeteer session the day before which peaked some interest in advance. I had one of the larger rooms that held 300 people and I estimate it was about 75% full. It’s funny how people start running to your session when you start firing pneumatic Gatlin guns! Did I mention that it’s also VERY loud :slight_smile: I caught people buzzing about it the rest of the day. Lots of fun. I’m still answering emails and helping folks get started with their projects. I’m also starting the NashMicro user group in a few weeks and I’m expecting a pretty good group. It’s exciting times.

Hi Pete,

I was one of the attendee at HDC Omaha today. I am really inspired by your talk on NETMF and also lucky to get freebie - GHI Emx development system. I think there is so much potential NETMF. I am looking forward to seeing you next year in Omaha with probably multiple sessions on NETMF

Thanks once again for the awesome session.

@ Jayu - welcome to the community.

@ Jayu

Awesome, thanks!

And welcome to the community. The folks here are great, and will be a huge help as you dive into this.