NETMF Standards

As part of Tinkr I want to release all of our 32bit image and application launching code to the public in hopes of making it the standard way to approach both operations. It’s my hope that doing so will allow everyone to grab applications and icons cross platform without needing any special Skewworks software.

So my question to the community is the best way to approach this. The code behind and Interfaces are already created and have XML tags and thorough commenting. Perhaps releasing a PDF with all the details for peer review and commenting?

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How about HTML based documentation similar to Netmf and Ghi. It is standard enough I think.

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There are many tools that can convert the XML comments to HTML pages. Doxygen is one of those, and is free:
It should also be possible to generate PDFs with that tool.

Also check out SandCastle Help File Builder at .

Will you be posting all the sample code & docs as a CodePlex/GitHub project? That would be my recommendation.

Yes full code examples for Image32 and application launching would be posted, most likely to CodePlex.