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NetMF Shell video


Did a video of my NetMF Shell. Kinda a Powershell and console for Fez.
The terminal client running on windows, but the shell host and commands running on Domino with a SD card. Not shown (forgot), but can also send out-of-band events/notifications back the client.


I want to see that but over telnet :wink:

Nice work


Very nice.

Is shell host on Fezzer?


Very cool work.




Indeed very cool.
Is the code for the NETMF Shell posted somewhere?


No. I can put it up somewhere after getting things set back up. I have been side-tracked on MS Lightswitch for awhile.


Thanks, that would be nice William. :slight_smile:

Cu, Wim.


That is amazing! Please share.



That is pretty freaking cool. Would love to see that posted.


Ronald Jenkees fan, eh?


Jenkees is the man!