NETMF SDK with Cerberus

Maybe I missed something, but where is the NETMF SDK for the Cerberus. Just got the FW installed, and Visual Studio sees it, but I am assuming I need an ew SDK since this is NETMF 4.2 now?

Nevermind, I think I just realized that this isn’t running GHI FW, so hence no GHI SDK, Only MS 4.2 SDK. Correct?

FEZ Cerberus firmware is a GHI firmware. But there are GHI NETMF OSHW SDK yet. all of the current features are supported through the general NETMF SDK

Take a look at Cerberus page for more details:

How is it running a non GHI firmware? The only port that exists today for STM32F4 is from GHI :slight_smile:

We did use Oberon to get us started but there was months of work to port to F4

I’m guessing he means Trioflex’s firmware (which is based on the Cerberus source, I believe).

Didn’t Oberon say they had an F4 port (for the Discovery board, specifically) that they hadn’t released?