Netmf robot?

Not a netmf Robot, but I thought the subject might get more reads :slight_smile:

Any of the Team USA here already backed it ?

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Interesting, but I would think the robot is more pneumatic and hydrolic than anything. Would be interesting to know. I wonder if any BattleBots were using micros and what type.

My R2-D2 does run NETMF, after switching from Arduino. I may have to put an Arduino in for the foot controls during my upgrade, as I don’t know if .NET is going to be fast enough. I am looking at moving towards gadgeteer.during this 2.0 upgrade. only issue I am hitting is I need to create a lot of piggyback modules to give me gadgeteer sockets and to be able to talk to 5V devices.

I sent them $25. I would love to see this become the next BattleBots type show on TV where nations build huge bots and fight them. Much more entertaining reality show than The Bachelor… For this reason, I think people all over (not just the US) should get behind this. The more awesome this show is, the more likely it’ll get bigger and better in the near future.

Perhaps this is how nations could settle their disputes in the future? :smiley:

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Like Robot Jox?!? :smiley: