NETMF Product Selection Guide

Good Afternoon Community, we would like to give you a preview of the NETMF Product Selection Guide. We are calling this a preview because we are still soliciting feedback before we make the big news announcement.

The Product Selection Guide will provide you with a specification comparison grid of our core products as well as the available offerings for each core product. These comparison grids will provide you with an easy way to determine which family of products are best suited for your project. Please take a look this page and let us know what you think.

Product Selection Guide:


allows the user to read and write from the underlying processor’s memory and yes we are planning on hyperlinking for more detailed information.

@ Gary - I really like the grid that shows a comprehensive list of all features. It makes it easy to compare the growing list of great products.


@ Gary - What’s “SPI displays” on the table at the bottom? Can the G30 not drive an SPI display? It’s a little confusing. Is that table referring to the “Dev Board” versions?

@ Gismofx - Yes it can but not natively as there is no Bitmap support on G30. The BarinPad uses G30 and has a display on it.

@ Gus - So maybe the title for that table row should mention something about native bitmap support?

Side- Where is the documentation on that bitmap support? I’d like to read about it. As far as I’ve messed with, I’m buffering the display into byte array and sending that buffer to the display via spi.

@ Gismofx - you will not be able to buffer the whole display, not enough memory. Take a look at the brain pad code to see how it is done please.

@ gus, I’ve got a Cerb40 and a small 128x64 monochrome display. No memory issue. I’m just wondering if the native is faster and if it’s possible to use it with other displays…going off topic here

It is monochrome, that is why it fits.

If you want to use the built in fonts and shapes then you need G80 and up. With G30 you need handle them like showing in the brain pad code.

See this thread

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The value for RAM in the G400 column is a little hard to read. When I first looked, I read it as 9.2 MB. Is there an extra space between the 9 and the 2?

@ Gene - It should say 92MB, we will correct it. Thanks.

It might be useful to give the prices for the products at the top of the page. This can be important when comparing multiple options.

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Wi-Fi is a little misleading. It should at least have a footnote or hoverover mentioning the extra hardware.

Potentially include a row on current draw (sleep, idle, active). That’s a big reason to go with the G30 or G80.