NETMF porting to custom board

According to the screenprint error message at the bottom, there are two netmf versions used in the refs for mscorlib.dll.

@ Justin, can you list the version numbers to each netmf release ? - 18/12/2103 - 16/10/2105

@ Justin - Are those dates the expiry dates ?

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@ .Peter. - mscorlib.dll last modified dates

I knew that Justin was somehow taunting us from a far distant future… At least his computer and complier are…
2103 and 2105 are at least 87 years ahead of our time Justin :whistle:

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@ Jay Jay - did you read your last PMs ?

@ .Peter. -
Nope, using my mobile so I didn’t notice it, going to check now

@ Jay Jay - You don’t get notice email anymore on subsequent entries in the same PM only the first one triggers a notification … read again …

Haha hahaha my magical one finger typing strikes again :smiley:

@ Justin - Thanks mate!! I will give that a go when I get into work :). If that doesn’t work then I will give up :frowning:

@ richoxski - your welcome. If you still have no joy flick me an email.