NETMF performance

I’m thinking about purchasing a FEZ Domino, but I have some questions about the performance of .net micro framework. How quickly does the framework interpret CIL code?

As a baseline I’d like to be able to run a Kalman filter on the chip? I know it can be done on an arduino with enough processor power left for a controller. The ARM chip is of course much faster, but since there is no native matrix library for the FEZ (right?) all the calculations will be interpreted. Would I be able to obtain similar (hopefully better) performance than an arduino?

Your question is already answered in the FAQ. You shouldn’t run filter or processor intensive work in managed code in ageneral but I am not sure how much processing does your filter need. This doesn’t mean managed is slow. It is fast as long as you do not need to do digital filters or video decoding for example.

FEZ larger cousins, EMX and ChipworkX allow you to load native code to handle things like digital filters and video decoding and then your app will still easily done in managed code. This is called RLP. Search YouTube for RLP

I read the FAQ, I was just trying to get a less vague idea of the performance of the board, though I guess it’s hard to know without trying the board myself.

I’m mainly interested in the FEZ because at its price point it is one of the most capable boards available, while EMX and ChipworkX both have to compete with other single board computers like gumstix which can run linux. Therefore, is there a chance RLP be implemented for FEZ any time soon?

Emx modules cost about the same as FEZ

Also, NETMF doesn’t compete with Linux or windows CE. Each has it’s own market