NETMF outlaw derby video - the making

here is a short video on the making of the outlaw derby car and the first test run.

it is going to be even more batman now…


OMG! I’ll be amazed if that thing doesn’t fly off the track. Nice job!

@ eddie_garmon - Awesome! How did it stop?

Suddenly, as it smacked into my wife who was manning the camera. She had no idea what was coming. And I didn’t know my 6yo had such a complex vocabulary for excitement.


9/10, could have used a cerbuino bee. Is this just a hobby thing or is this going into a competition?

Also how large would a plane need to be for a plane to be controlled by a FEZ? Fairly large is my guess.

Fun competition (race is this Friday night), but more importantly to get the young boys in the pack interested in making things.

The controller I used happened to be the smallest NETMF device I had on hand. Maybe for next year I will custom fab a board that has all that parts on it. That would be smaller, lighter, thinner and give more opportunity to be creative in the body designs. also maybe 2 fans instead of just one.

And yes, the FEZ boards I do have were all too big for this. Just a single gadgeteer socket is too much.

Now its time to go put a photocell on the front so it can be used on non-metal tracks.

@ eddie_garmon - How long did it take to make it?

@ eddie_garmon - Cerb 40 II would have been much smaller. :wink:

@ architect - I started about two and a half weeks ago, at night after the kids were in bed. maybe 30 hours?

@ devhammer - yup. key was what was on hand when I started. only thing I bought was the motor/fan and ESC from my local hobby shop, already had the rest. Next time?? (hint hint)

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

So is the ESC controlled directly by the NetDuino via PWM?

@ mhectorgato - yes. via a custom driver. 50Hz PPM with 1ms ‘off’ throttle position and 2ms ‘full’ throttle. The esc required an ‘off’ signal to boot, and if it ever went below that it would cut out until it was hard reset with loss of power (at least my testing showed that).

[quote=“mhectorgato”]So is the ESC controlled directly by the NetDuino via PWM?

Many moons ago I did a short blog post on the topic.

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Excellent! Love it…

when the battery ran out.

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Here it is in action:

@ Justin - Want to help produce my videos?


The code is now up on GitHub:


Remaking this beast for this year. New body will be milled on my CNC instead of hand milled :slight_smile: I just ordered a new G80 to drive it :). Time to start designing the body, any suggestions?

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@ eddie_garmon - Your old link doesn’t work. I can’t remember what your car looked like now. We’re starting to think about derby time, too. Maybe you could just make an extra one for me? :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Ian here are updated videos. I don’t get back to these boards often enough.

First video: How to Troll IRL

Second Video: Making